Corporate Health Services from Oncall Doctor in Dubai

Redefining corporate healthcare for the companies of tomorrow

Customisable health & wellness solutions to create impactful employee benefits programmes

Elevate workplace benefits programme with Oncall Doctor Corporate Services

Preventive Healthcare

Expand benefits programme to include additional coverage or perks for your employees or their dependants

  • Health Screenings

    Choose health and wellness services to be delivered virtually, onsite, at home or in-clinic.

  • Vaccinations

    Organise a vaccination drive for your team: DHA-recommended vaccinations, including travel and annual flu vaccines.

  • Pre-employment Medical Checks

    Health screenings for pre-employment checkup

Workplace Wellness

Increase employee engagement with wellness events and exclusive Oncall Doctor Marketplace offers

  • Health Talks

    Expert advice and useful tips from health professionals

  • Wellness Bazaars

    Customise a wellness event with onsite health services, talks and retail offerings

  • Oncall Doctor Marketplace Perks

    Exclusive employee discounts on a curated range of health & wellness products and services

Organisational Health Insights

Receive company-level health reports with actionable next steps

  • 360 Employee Health Questionnaire & Report

    Get insights into employee health through a chronic disease risk assessment

  • Mental Wellbeing Report

    Design and launch targeted surveys for deeper employee wellness insights

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