Long-term home nursing care

Let’s talk about Long-term home nursing care (LTC)

Long-term home nursing care refers to a range of services. These services can assist those who have a chronic illness or disability and can’t take care of themselves for an extended period. They generally need help with both their medical and non-medical needs. With long-term care, we aim to provide patients with individualized, well-coordinated services that support their independence, maximize their quality of life, and continuously meet their needs both emotionally and physically.

Long term home nursing care
Long-term home nursing care


Long-term care frequently offers watchful care, including assistance with dressing, feeding, using the restroom, preparing meals, functional transfers, and timely medicine checks. To address the numerous long-term conditions associated with older populations, long-term care increasingly entails providing a level of medical care that necessitates the expertise of skilled practitioners. Long-term care can be given at home, in the community, in nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. Any age group may require long-term care, though seniors are more likely to require it.

Available Long-term home nursing care options

Long-term care can range from occasional help with chores to round-the-clock medical attention. Here are some methods for delivering long-term care services.

  • Friends and family

Especially if the person needing care moves in with them, friends or family members frequently step in to help with cleaning, cooking, bathing, dressing, and other basic needs. It’s critical to be honest about a family member’s capabilities before asking them to take on the role of caregiver. Think about how you can balance it with your other obligations, such as work, school, or taking care of your own family.

  • Professional care is provided at home.

The person who needs care can continue to live independently with the help of home health nursing care services. Nurses can generally visit them in their homes and help them by taking care. They can assist with dressing, cleaning, medications, and feeding. A visiting nurse is generally suggested for severe cases. It is more appropriate if a loved one requires more complex medical care.

  • In-home nursing

Everyone can go through days where they experience stress from having a loved one in the hospital, which is why many healthcare facilities offer in-home nursing services. Many people find that they heal and recover more quickly at home. You can now obtain a full range of health services, whether your loved one is recovering from a protracted illness, a fall, or surgery. The biggest advantage of home care services is that are cost-effective and save a lot of time and money from hospital visits. Everyone in need receives expert care in the convenience of their own homes.

Benefits of Long-term home nursing care:

  1. Enhances recovery and lowers the risk of infection.

Home care nursing is beneficial because it protects patients from the infections they might catch in hospitals. Patients at hospitals are more exposed to and more susceptible to the risk of infection and might relapse after surgery and intensive care. Due to less exposure to infection, in-home nursing care can aid in fastening the process of the patient’s faster and better healing.

  1. Long-term home nursing care is more affordable.

When an elderly loved one or the one who needs care can no longer manage by themselves, they need care at home, for basic tasks such as meal preparation or bathing, and they are frequently placed in a long-term care facility.

Home care can significantly reduce not only the cost of care but also the burden on patients and taxpayers by only offering the services people require at home.

  1. Long-term home nursing care calms the souls.

Losing loved ones as they grow older and pass away, losing the ability to drive, and generally losing independence are just a few of the difficulties and challenges that come with getting older.

The significance of home care nursing is that it enables people to hold on to the things that are most important to them while still receiving the support and care they require: the comfort of their bed, the familiarity of their own home, and all of the lifelong memories made at the kitchen table.

  1. Familiar Environment

Long-term confinement in a hospital setting can be destructive to someone’s mental health. Because of their surroundings, hospitals are frequently associated with “something wrong” and can make patients feel burdened and stressed. Constantly interacting with medical professionals, nurses, and patients can also be demotivating.

  1. Individualized and Customized

In hospitals, care is frequently uniform and straitjacket-styled for everyone. There isn’t much room left to accommodate the patient’s unique needs and independence. Patients may become unhappy as a result, in one way or another.

Giving patients expert care at home helps to individualize and customize their experience. They are made specifically for each patient and with the patient’s needs in mind. The patient feels much more at ease as a result because all of his needs are met. The patient recovers more quickly with personalized care because it offers one-on-one care that also meets medical standards. With the assistance of in-home nursing care, the patient can receive expert medical attention in a setting that is familiar to them. Being at home in a cozy, caring setting relieves stress and allows the mind to unwind. It is known that a positive outlook and comfortable surroundings aid in a patient’s faster and healthier recovery.

  1. Supporting Daily Living Activities

Some people might find it challenging to take care of themselves and carry out simple tasks like cleaning, cooking, grooming, and bathing. These daily tasks are also made easier to complete with the assistance of professional in-home care. An at-home caregiver is prepared to assist patients with their daily activities (ADLs). This promotes patients’ respect, dignity, and ability to live a long, healthy life. The home nurses assist the patient with all of their activities.

  1. Medication Administration

Medication tends to increase as a patient’s problems multiply. Prescription management and medication management are crucial because many doctors prescribe different medications for various ailments. Many elderly people experience confusion while taking medications, which can occasionally result in serious health issues for the patient, such as overdosing, dangerous medication mixing, or even forgetting to take some medication for an extended period. Professional caregivers have received training in managing prescriptions and medications to guarantee that patients receive the appropriate amount of care and medication at the appropriate time.

  1. Compassionate Company

To maintain your health as you age, social interaction is crucial. Home caregivers also serve as dependable companions for social and routine activities like meals, walks, games, movies, and other things to do.

Assistance with these activities can make patients feel less alone and abandoned, which may lead to other health problems. A benefit to the patient’s recovery is being accompanied outside for routine tasks like walking, practicing yoga, etc.

Therefore, don’t hesitate the next time you want to find better care for your loved ones. Get a home caregiver to provide them with the best care possible without the astronomical cost, or the guilt that comes with it.

Benefits for Families of Long-term Home Nursing Care

Remember that choosing a home nursing provider to care for your loved one benefits you and the rest of the family as well as the patients if you’re still not convinced.

  1. Keep up with your routine

When you have on-site nursing care, you won’t have to worry about taking time off, skipping class, or giving other people your work. You don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting your loved one while going to work, school, or engaging in leisure activities. The patient’s social, emotional, and physical needs will be met by the professional home nurse. You are relieved of the responsibility of providing care, and you can relax knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

  1. More cost-effective

The majority of people might be shocked to learn that Long-term home nursing care costs are definitely cost effective. In some circumstances, a lengthy hospital stay may be unavoidable due to the need for special procedures. However, many of these procedures can now be done at a much lower cost at home by a certified home nurse. You might be able to reduce the price of your hospital stay by up to 50%. The majority of medical devices that can provide your loved one with the necessary care at home, such as oxygen concentrators, non-invasive ventilators, oxygen, blood pressure, and other monitors, are now available for rental.

How to Pick the Best Long-term Home Nursing Care?

The next decision you must make is which home nursing service you should hire to care for your loved one now that you are aware of what to anticipate from these services. Let’s look at this:

  • First and foremost, determine whether you require in-home nursing care or not.
  • Establish your spending limit; how much can you spend on a caregiver?
  • You can find out if friends, coworkers, and family have used a home nursing service by asking them about their experience working with them. Did they find them to be genuinely kind and attentive?
  • Search for service providers online, then compare them by reading reviews of home nursing Services.
  • Examine their hiring and training practices.
  • Check their history and run a background check if you can.
  • How accessible is the organization? Are they reachable at any time?
  • Verify their credentials and certifications; you can request to see them in person.
  • Check to see if the service provider performs quality checks to guarantee that the treatment provided to patients is always of the highest caliber.
  • Check to see if they have any experience caring for patients with the same or similar conditions as a member of your family; for instance, if you’re looking for care for an elderly parent, see if the nurse has any experience caring for seniors.
  • You now understand how to pick a home nursing agency. The patient is given priority over all other considerations at https://oncalldoctor.ae/, a provider of the best home nursing services in Dubai. Our long-term home nurses are skilled not only in performing medical procedures but also in offering patients emotional support and assisting them with daily tasks.

How will ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ we Help You?

We aim to make healthcare accessible to as many of you as we can by not just providing the best experiences but also updating ourselves with new medical advancements now and then.

  • Our medical healthcare team is DHA-certified.
  • Our staff is ready to offer help in basic daily activities, nutritional care, dressing and grooming activities, and much more.
  • Nurses are hired after proper training in delivering proper care for all the services like care for the elderly, post-surgical care, wound care, injections, urine catheterization, IV infusions, nutritional care, and chronic care.
  • Our doctors and physiotherapists are highly qualified to assist the patients.
  • You can be stress-free after using our long-term nursing care. No need to rush to the hospital to get admitted to access nursing services.

You can always reach out to us at https://oncalldoctor.ae/ to know more about us. We would be happy to assist you.

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